3 Ways to Completely Change Our Home’s Appearance

When we think of home decor, we might look at the basics but it is also important to focus on the main aspects of the house which include health of both the home and its inhabitants. Of course, no one would want to stay in a home which has molds or is infested with pests (agencies like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/florida/ know the right way to deal with these pesky pests)! It is a sheer unhygienic environment to live in and raise kids in as well. Thus, it is essential to look at the skeleton of the home before you move on to give your abode a facial lift!
That said, sometimes we will desire a complete change of home décor when it starts to look tired or seems too familiar to excite us anymore. This can come at a cost if we allow it to but can also be achieved more within the realms of a sensible budget. This then leads us to explore some ways we can improve internal décor affordably.


Replacing floor coverings, depending on the room, will either be about choosing new carpets, fitting wooden flooring, or laying down tiles of one kind or another. In some rooms, a wipe-clean surface will be preferred. Our two main considerations are going to relate to aesthetics and functionality. In other words, what colour and for what purpose is the floor to be used? For example, in the bedroom, we will want the softest carpet possible. In the hallway and up the stairs there will need to be a hard-wearing carpet pile. However, in the kitchen where there are likely to be spillages, you will more than likely want a wipe-clean surface from your chosen material. Carpet tiles provide the solution to just having to replace one tile as a softer compromise underfoot.

There are three basic types of carpet available.

You can have fitted either Cut Pile, Loop Pile, or Cut-Loop Pile. Cut Pile has a high density of carpet fibers twisted together to provide shape and resilience and so provide the carpet with durability in areas of high traffic. Loop Pile differs in that its tips are not exposed as with Cut Pile. With it having tightly bound fibers, it too will wear well and be supportive of lots of traffic. Then Cut-Loop Pile, as its name suggests, is a combination of both Cut Pile and Loop Pile. In terms of which carpet is best, it is more about its look and how it feels, because they are all hard-wearing when of decent quality. You also may want to take into consideration the care requirements of a carpet. Some might be suitable for just a quick hoover every now and then, however, some may have you searching for services similar to carpet cleaners in round rock tx, or specialists in your local area, to possibly help you keep your carpets clean. If this is not something you want to do then you may want to look into a more low maintenance option.

A polished wooden flooring can create a nice look but can be slippery for children and pets.

Popular materials for kitchen tiles include ceramic, granite, marble, porcelain, and slate. It all depends on whether you want a modern, rustic, or period look, for your home.


Ceilings can be painted a different colour, although white tends to be the popular one. Polystyrene tiles are a fire hazard, so they should be removed. Not only can the gases ignite when they are exposed to the heat of a house fire, but the products released when they melt can be highly toxic. So, go for painted ceilings instead.

To give your ceilings the textures your tiles once had, you can use Artexing, which differs from plastering in that it provides a textured as opposed to a smooth finish. To mix Artex, you pour water that is above 5 C into a bucket at the ratio of 0.5 L per 1 kg of powder. You will want to first of all achieve a thick, creamy consistency. Once you have that, let the mixture stand for 10 minutes before remixing to make a smooth paste. This will create a different look, although is not to everyone’s taste.

Curtains and Blinds

When it comes to curtains and blinds, you will have materials such as linen, velvet, silk, and faux silk to choose from. The color you choose will be dependent on the rest of your décor, as with your carpets. It is a case of when changing things, to think about which changes would be costly if mistakes were made and then not introduce these elements until you are sure that color clashes are being avoided. Your carpet is likely to be the most expensive, you curtain the next, and then, altering your ceiling the least.

Patterns can make a nice change from solid colors for your curtain designs. If you are unable to find patterns or window coverings that meet the style that you have in mind, you can also explore options such as Custom Window Blinds. Other considerations will be the length of your curtains, which only need to hang below window level, and not right to the floor, to save on the cost of the material.

Think about the fixings at the top with curtains. The different types include rod or pole pocket, curtain rings, tie top, tab top, eyelet, goblet pleat, pencil pleat, pinch pleat. So, changing this in itself will dramatically change how your curtains look now in comparison to before. Check out some shop displays to see how the different styles vary.

If you are not confident in making your curtains from a piece of material, then you can choose between buying Custom Shades ready-made from the high street, or online, or having someone make them for you. It all depends on how much fitting will be required afterward. You can have your curtains made to measure or may need to adapt them slightly.

To conclude, we can change our homes significantly by re-surfacing floors, by removing ceiling tiles that ought to be removed for safety anyway, and by considering the many ways of fixing curtains as much as the different designs available.

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