About Dream Superhero

My blog Dream Superhero is about feeling extraordinary in every single thing that you do. Everything requires skill and a certain amount of patience to achieve and therefore we are all superheroes in our own way.

This blog is going to be about family, parenting, home, and business, which are all things that I am well versed with, although parenting is always going to be a trial and error process… don’t you think? Haha!

I run my own bakery business and therefore I have a lot of experience in this area of things. I also have four children of varied ages, which means I can give a lot of advice about what’s to come or some comfort if you are stuck with the terrible twos or perhaps the more terrible teens! 

I am very excited to get going with this blog and give you all a little piece of Lynne wisdom to take on your own superhero adventures!

Lynne Nelson

Now you may be wondering who I am! I’m Lynne Nelson and I am a baker living in Missouri in the States. I raise my four children, two teenage girls, one 10-year-old son, and my 5-year-old daughter, so I have a large range of age groups to have fun with every single day. I tell you it’s not very fun when you have the five-year-old throwing a tantrum and also my sixteen-year-old! Can you hear the drama! 

However, I love every single bit of the chaos because that’s what makes our family great. 

I started this blog because some of my friends who are becoming new moms wanted lots of advice on how they can get the basics right when raising their kids. So I thought why not start a blog to ease their anxieties and other people across the internet. Of course, I am not qualified and this is from my own experience but hopefully, a group of moms coming together will create a great big checklist! 

I will also be talking about other things like business and home renovation because these are the other two passions in my life. So I can’t wait to get started and I hope you get something super from my blog!