The Jobs You Can Tackle Yourself to Save Money  

Jobs that do not involve electricity or gas are generally jobs that you can consider tackling yourself at home to save you money. We cannot take a chance with either of these because there is a safety element to consider. The electricity gives a shock and gas is explosive and intoxicating.

So, to the jobs that we can be left to our own devices on.


Tap Washers

There is no reason why anyone cannot change a tap washer. The important thing to remember is to turn off the water underneath the sink before beginning the job. Then it is just about finding the right spanner.

Generally, if your basin wrench can handle nuts of 27mm or 32mm you should be fine. It is recommended when ordered a tool for this job that you go for a basin wrench that has and inch jaws.

Clues to needing to change a tap washer in the first place are, of course, continually leaking taps. This can be annoying and a high call-out fee to pay a plumber for when it is such a simple job to fit a replacement.

The commonly used tap washer sizes, in the following order, include 1-inch (25.4 mm), 15mm, 16mm, 9mm, 17mm, 20mm, 32mm, and 40mm.


Unblocking Sinks, Drains, or Toilets

It might not be a favorite job but one that can save money if tackled by oneself.

In terms of using a tool, there are three types of unblocking tools to choose from. They are all of the plunger variety. The first one, the common sink or cup plunger, is for sinks. Then there is the toilet or flange plunger. Finally, the accordion plunger. In terms of the last two, it depends on the force you need to put behind the plunge to unblock your toilet. The accordion plunger is best when it comes to needing greater force. Be careful with the accordion plunger that you do not scratch the toilet, as it is made of plastic rather than rubber.

Pouring boiling water down a drain is the start of unblocking it. Then it is suggested that you make up a solution of baking soda in 1 cup of water added to 1 cup of vinegar. These are the quantities recommended to make a difference. After waiting for 5 to 10 mutes, then pour more boiling water down the drain and see if this all works. Failing that it is draining rods to clear the blockage. You can purchase yourself a set of these. If all this fails, you might be in need of plumbers Fishers (or similar professionals in the area where you live) to consider the blockage may not be as a result of anything that has happened with your drain.


Decorating Walls

Wallpapering is just about having a straight eye so that you match up the various patterns. You can, of course, get into a mess with the glue, but it is all good practise.

Painting walls should be easier than re-papering them. You can sometimes get away with this if the wallpaper is still intact. You can make a wall look entirely different. Also, you can see the interesting pattern still underneath the wallpaper where there is an embossed pattern. To help you with your painting, you might want to consider a roller instead of a brush. This will eliminate brush strokes and be quicker.


So, three jobs you can have a go at yourself and should achieve reasonable success with. The necessity for a tap washer should be easily identifiable by a constant drip, drains that need unblocking can often be dealt with by a solution, and decorating walls is easy to do if you are practical by nature.

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