The Techniques for Sprucing Up Kitchen Cabinets

Short of having a whole new fitted kitchen, you can enhance your kitchen cabinets with other more affordable ideas. You can do the work yourself and if you get the supplies from Lowe’s then you can go to this site and find a coupon code that makes buying the materials even cheaper. If you are not looking for more space, but instead, a new look, then it is all possible with some design ideas and imagination. That is not to say that you might not be able to save a little space too.

To get you started, we will think of a few ideas here that you could adopt to fresh your home interiors in the area of the kitchen.

Refreshingly Different Paint Look

To have your paintwork look different, you might want to consider that paint is not all about colors but that different textures can be obtained too. You can go for a wood-grained look or a distressed one. These are two ideas possible with modern paint that is available or just knowing about the techniques to use.

The simplest way to achieve a distressed look with painted wood is to lightly sand parts of the paint off. It is the perfect technique for already painted wood. The more randomly you can sand areas, the more natural you can potentially make your cabinet look in terms of its distress. Also, you could look to sand the areas that are likely to get easily bumped or scratched to give it that more organic feel. However, if you are worried that you cannot do it on your own, then you can engage Fredericksburg Cabinet Refinishing Services or like companies to get the job done.

Use of Mirrors

Mirrors have both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. Practically, you cannot have enough mirrors in enough places when you are wanting to beautify yourself in a hurry. Aesthetically, they can fill a plain space and provide the illusion of more space from their reflections.

Also available are small collections of mirrors in different shapes. For instance, you can have elephants, rhinos, tortoises, or fish shapes to please young and old visitors to the kitchen area.

New Handles

It is surprising what difference attaching new cabinet pulls to your kitchen cupboards can achieve in terms of a new and different look.

The choices of materials for handles include traditional steel, nickel, or ceramic knobs and pulls. Cup kitchen handles are considered ideal for kitchen cabinets. These normally look best in a metal material. If you like your home to have a period look, then go for an antique brass or vintage pewter effect.

Matte black knobs make a popular choice where kitchen cabinets are white as opposed to natural brown wood, or wood painted another color. A Matte finish will provide a kitchen with a more modern feel.


It is trending to have undercabinet lighting. This can help you see to work in the kitchen in semi-light before the main lights are switched on. It looks aesthetically pleasing too.

Plate Racks

Adding a plate rack into a kitchen cabinet line-up can add a nice feature as well as be practical. Rather than have your plates behind closed doors, if they are colorful enough they will make a great display. The only drawback is that you will need to wash them before use. But then, inside a pantry or cupboard, they can also gather dust. So, this is a small price to pay to have a nice feature. If you have paid good money for your plates then it can be good to create another function for them. They might become plates you only use for best.

Inside cupboards

Rearrange the insides of cupboards to generate extra storage capacity. You may even be able to create an extra kitchen cabinet to store something else in. Moreover, you can also use hanger hooks in the kitchen for cups, utensils, etc. These hooks can easily stick to a surface by using metal molding glue without causing any damage to your walls or cabinets. You can get more information on adhesive techniques online (for instance, https://sugru.com/buy/metal-glue-adhesive).

In summary, spruce up your kitchen cupboards by texturing the paint, using mirrors, and applying different handles. Also, consider lighting to show your cupboards off and so that you can work in the surrounding area without always having all your kitchen lights on. This can be cost-saving as well as an aesthetic delight. Then, think about displaying plates outside of cupboards in slots, which might just free up some extra storages spaces after a rearrangement inside your cupboards has also helped with that.

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