Supporting Your Child to Play Independently

A child’s play is often characterized by imagination, curiosity, and a desire to learn. As they grow and develop, children need to be able to make their own choices and explore their world when playing independently. This is what has led parents to worry about how to support their kids in playing independently.

There are many practices that parents can implement in order to support their children during playtime. One of these practices is allowing them time on the computer with a laptop or tablet so that they can entertain themselves without needing adult supervision.

How To Develop Children with Independence

Independence is important for children. It is important for parents to let go of controlling the child’s activities and allow them to take control of their own lives. When parents do this, they are not only helping their children develop independence, but they are also building their confidence and self-esteem.

It is now more important than ever to approach parenting with a “growth mindset.” This means that when children make mistakes, instead of blaming or punishing them, it’s best for parents to help them understand the mistakes in order to learn from them.

Parents should encourage children by teaching them useful skills like cooking and cleaning so that they can do these things independently as well as teach children about financial responsibility by taking note of how much money they spend on something so that they will be able to manage it.

Why Support Your Child’s Independence Development?

Many parents are concerned about their child’s independent development. They worry that their children will not be able to handle themselves in the future with all the responsibilities they have to take care of. However, these concerns are not justified because there is a lot of support for children from various sources.

There are numerous benefits for a child from their independence development: it helps them develop into more independent and confident individuals, it helps them find meaning in life, and it also helps them make friends easier.

The world is becoming more and more competitive as time goes on and having an independent, confident individual who can think through hard situations is essential in order to succeed.



How To Create the Environment for Independent Play?

There are 3 key components that will make your child feel like they are not being told what to do and can play on their own:

  1. Privacy: This is the most important component of the three, and it’s about giving kids increased autonomy in their play. By giving them privacy, they know how much autonomy they have to play freely without being watched by adults.
  2. Freedom of choice: This is an extension of the privacy aspect that gives kids more freedom in what games to choose from. For example, if there is a game called “Monkey’s Chase,” then you would put a sign up saying “Play Monkeys Chase” and let them choose which game to play next time. If there is a sign-up for “Monkey Hide and Seek,” then you would let them choose between them both.
  3. Set clear guidelines as your child gets older: One of the most important ways parents can help their children learn how to cope with independence is by setting clear guidelines for certain tasks or activities and regularly checking in on progress. This kind of system allows children to know what they are allowed to do without constant parental input while ensuring that the boundaries they set are followed consistently.

5 Steps to Help Children Play Independently

  1. Create a safe and structured play area for independent play development.
  2. Set limits on what activities your child is allowed to do.
  3. Allow children to make choices and decisions by giving them options in terms of time, space, materials (or limited material).
  4. Encourage and support children when they take risks while providing positive feedback on their accomplishments.
  5. Let children know that you’ll be available at all times no matter what.


A child’s independence development is important because it helps them grow into a successful adult. A child’s independence development is the process of learning how to behave and make choices without guidance from parents or other adults.

The importance of independence development is that it helps children grow into adults who have the skills and knowledge to make decisions and choices on their own. Children learn this process of independence development as they learn to behave and make choices without the help of their parents.

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