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6 Methods to Motivate Your Family to Clean

As parents, we have high expectations for our kids. We expect them to clean their rooms, help with chores, have good hygiene, and behave nicely. They want to be successful in life, and we want them to do well at school. So, shouldn’t we do everything we can to help them get there?

Doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and vacuuming the living room aren’t fun tasks, but doing them daily is necessary to make your home livable. And while nobody likes chores, everyone does like a clean home. So, how can you motivate your family to clean?

Here Are the Methods to Encourage Your Family to Clean

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Setting a cleaning schedule may be the best way to motivate your family to clean. While most of us can agree that it may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, setting a routine for when specific chores get done can help make cleaning less tedious and put it more into perspective. Creating a cleaning schedule also ensures that everyone in the family does their fair share of work around the house.

Define Roles

If it seems your family’s furniture is covered in more dust and dirt than its original owners, you may want to rethink the roles you and your family members play in cleaning. But that’s easier said than done. Everyone thinks they know what it takes to be a good cleaner, but many times, these roles aren’t clearly defined. So, make sure that you assign roles and tell each member what their job is for that day.

Provide Rewards

You shouldn’t have to motivate your family members to clean. You should simply recognize that a clean home leads to a healthier environment and also keeps you and your family physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. So, stop with the nagging, and start providing rewards to the members who help to keep your home clean.

Issue Consequences

If you’re tired of seeing dirty clothes, dishes, and floors around the house, you probably want to get the family to clean it up. The solution to the problem doesn’t always motivate everyone to work harder. Sometimes it’s the consequences people get when they don’t do the jobs that motivate them to move. Thinking of consequences and dishing them out, when necessary, may just have the desired effect that you were looking for.

Set a Cleaning Routine

To break the cycle and set a regular cleaning routine, identify a day of the week that works best for your family and commit to cleaning that day—and only that day—for the entire week. Your family may be dreading the idea of cleaning up their rooms. But it doesn’t have to be dreadful for everyone. Set up a chore schedule that your children can own and keep up with. You might be surprised by how motivated your children are when they know that they will see a reward for their efforts. Start small and try setting up a weekly cleanup plan. 

Set Cleaning Guidelines

If you’re struggling with house cleaning, you’re not alone. Household chores aren’t just time-consuming, but they’re also tedious, boring, and stressful. However, you can motivate your family to stay involved in a few different ways. Setting a cleaning guideline is a great first step (and if everyone participated, the house would be clean in no time).

If everyone in your family is not on board with the idea of regular chores, it is probably because they aren’t being motivated and made to feel invested in doing them. Household chores are an important component of a healthy family, and simply put, the more chores your kids do, the more independent they’ll become. But motivating your children to clean can be an arduous task. 

Cleaning your house can be daunting, particularly if your household contains children. One of the most effective ways to motivate your family to clean is to have a cleaning schedule that they follow. Following on from that, knowing how to motivate your family will also be beneficial to the cleanliness of your house too. So, follow the tips in this article and you will be well on your way to achieving the clean house you’ve always dreamt of.

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